Outbound Appointment-Setting Services

Can My Company Use Appointment-Setting Services?

Appointment-setting services are ideal for B2B (business-to-business) technology, professional service providers and consultants, even pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. While similar to lead generation, setting appointments and scheduling meetings is very focused on a specific offer. And outsourcing appointment setting can be a sure-fire way to guarantee attendance to a sales prospecting event, schedule in-person or web-based demos and webinars, even invites to meetings with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) for healthcare professionals (HCPs) and best-practice seminars for prospects of hardware and software vendors.

Be sure the appointment setting services company that you select has been successful at this with other clients, knows the techniques of this specialized calling and, if necessary, can partner with you to write a compelling script.

Tech Ambience’s call specialists can save you time and money by arranging appointments with clients, business prospects or healthcare professionals, and then confirming these appointments.

As a Tech Ambience client, you’ll have a campaign supervisor working with you on a regular basis. You’ll be introduced, either in person or via conference call or videoconference, to the call specialists who will be on the phone dealing with your customer base.

Our hourly rates are known to be quite competitive and all of our call specialists are U.S-based in Florida. Please contact us to discuss your project and your needs. 


“…industry giants like Dell, Capital One, and JPMorgan Chase stat(ed) they have eliminated their call center outsourcing (off shoring) operations because, for them, the costs far outweighed the benefits”
J Pfeffer/emThe hidden cost of outsourcing. Business 2.0
“The biggest argument for repatriating a call center (to the US) is the almost unprecedented level of dissatisfaction associated with offshore agents.”
Ann ArborCFI Group, MI

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