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Call Overflow

Tech Ambience’s Call Center’s employees are all based in Tech Ambience’s Florida offices. If your inbound project’s needs include having calls answered by bright, cheerful, well educated US callers, Tech Ambience’s Call Center employees are ready to go to work for you! Our inbound services includes order taking, customer service and support, commercial response, application assistance, and much more. When Tech Ambience employees are trained on your project, you can count on them being on the job, on time and ready to tackle your work day in and day out. They will bring to your inbound work the ingrained attitude of helpful, cheerful, personal customer service; exactly what every inbound project needs for real success.

“…industry giants like Dell, Capital One, and JPMorgan Chase stat(ed) they have eliminated their call center outsourcing (off shoring) operations because, for them, the costs far outweighed the benefits”

– J Pfeffer/em> The hidden cost of outsourcing. Business 2.0.

“… outsourcing (off shoring) has led to measurable decreases in customer satisfaction for a number of North American businesses. Companies that engaged in (this practice) saw a measurable decline in customer satisfaction scores.”

– MIT Sloan Management Review