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Orders & Appointments

Tech Ambience’s callers can save you time and money by arranging appointments with clients, business prospects or patients, and then confirming these appointments. As a Tech Ambience client, you’ll have a campaign supervisor working with you on a regular basis. You’ll be introduced, either in person or via conference call or videoconference, to the call specialists who will be on the phone dealing with your customer base. We charge hourly with a qualifying agreement. Please contact us to discuss your project and your needs.

“A recent study conducted by researchers from MIT Sloan School of Management stated that call center offshore outsourcing results in a significant decrease in service quality and customer satisfaction”

_ MIT Sloan Business Review. How offshore outsourcing affects customer satisfaction.

“(regarding off shore call centers) Whether it’s the language, the culture or both, the differences can separate the customer from the agent in such a way that they are unable to have a “meeting of the minds” that produces the desired results”

– Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor