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There’s almost no end to the ancillary services The Tech Ambience Call Center can provide. In addition to our large team of call specialists on staff, our location in Florida gives us a large, educated and quality labor pool if your project requires clerical, fulfillment or other backroom support services. These services can be integrated with our inbound and outbound programs or contracted as separate, standalone services if needed. Like nearly all our calling projects, we know how to rapidly scale up an operation whether for the long-term or just during your busy season. Our call specialists can also be engaged for tasks that require both outbound calling along with data entry and database clean-up such as calling contacts on customer lists to update address and current responsibility details

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“(regarding off shore call centers) Whether it’s the language, the culture or both, the differences can separate the customer from the agent in such a way that they are unable to have a “meeting of the minds” that produces the desired results”

– Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor

“If a customer hangs up mad, it isn’t the agent they are going to blame, it’s the company that put them in that position in order to save a buck by sending their call overseas.”

– Sheri Teodoru,
Chief Executive Officer, CFI Group