Expert Cause-Related Calling

Calling on behalf of candidate elections, legislative initiatives or fundraising for charities and political campaigns takes special discipline. Our call specialists are adept at representing the most delicate of issues and the most heartfelt of charitable needs as they call on your behalf.

Here are just some of the activities we can accomplish for your cause:

– Issue-based surveys (inbound or outbound) – Fundraising – Get-out-the-vote campaigns – Contributor follow-up – Voter registration drives – Annual endowment raises – Extending invites to fundraising events We are proud to say that all our call specialists are all located in our offices in Florida because, unlike some others, we never outsource any call center work. Ever. And we take great pride in our flexibility as well as our ability to quickly learn a client’s needs and then execute a program with our staff. Our Tech Ambience Call Center can work nearly any schedule you might need. We can dedicate as few as one professional caller up to several hundred in multiple shifts. These elements are part of why we have become the call center of choice for clients who have had disappointing experiences with other onshore and offshore call centers.


“If a customer hangs up mad, it isn’t the agent they are going to blame, it’s the company that put them in that position in order to save a buck by sending their call overseas.”
Sheri Teodoru Chief Executive Officer, CFI Group
“… outsourcing (off shoring) has led to measurable decreases in customer satisfaction for a number of North American businesses. Companies that engaged in (this practice) saw a measurable decline in customer satisfaction scores.”
MIT Sloan Management

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