Backroom Support

Backroom Support

In addition to our range of calling services, the Tech Ambience Call Center also handles back office support of any kind, including dispensing client information, data entry, data processing, and researching over the Internet.

All work is carried out by our reliable Florida based employees. 

Our rate for back office support is extremely competitive and will vary depending on requirements. Please contact us so we can discuss your needs.


DMG estimates that call center outsourcing (off shore) increases call volume by 15%, due to customers hanging up and calling back in search of a more helpful answer.
Donna FlussDMG Consulting LLC
“…industry giants like Dell, Capital One, and JPMorgan Chase stat(ed) they have eliminated their call center outsourcing (off shoring) operations because, for them, the costs far outweighed the benefits”
J PfeffeThe hidden cost of outsourcing. Business 2.0

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