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Among the many difficulties our executives experienced when they hired outside call center operations prior to setting up The Tech Ambience Call Center was that they were unable to obtain good data on the results of the calling campaigns we were conducting with them. Monitoring the results of a calling campaign in real time is one of the keys to conducting a successful campaign and generating a good return on investment (ROI).

We researched the entire marketplace to find a piece of software that could produce the reports which we were never able to obtain from the outside call centers we hired. No such software existed, so we worked directly with developers to create specialized Call Center Software, which is solely owned by Tech Ambience. Using this software as a Tech Ambience Call Center customer, you can see in real-time the results of your campaign including how many leads the call center produces for you. Other reports available to you include: calling campaign percentages (calls completed, messages left, etc.), a report showing how many hours you have used, the balance of hours remaining, the cost per lead, the total number of leads generated, and reports showing the exact status of each call made. You will be given a username and password that lets you log into the application to view these reports, all of which are updated minute by minute in real time.

To our knowledge (and from what our clients are reporting to us as well), no other call center provides this kind of reporting and analysis and this level of communication, which is why, we believe, our call center campaigns succeed and our clients are so pleased. We look forward to working with you as well!


1.) Here is a report which shows you the number of leads that were generated: it shows the total number of leads as well as the number of leads generated for each day of calling. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see that 5 leads were generated on 5/28/2009, and that 6 leads were generated in total. You can also see the calling percentages on the right side of the report.

2.) This report shows you all of the leads of a particular status along with their contact information. In the screenshot shown here, the “lead” status is selected so the report shows you all of the leads you have generated along with their contact information. You can also select other statuses like “message” or “follow-up”.

3.) This next report shows you the exact statuses of each call made:

4.) On the next report, you can see the hours you have used, the balance of hours remaining, the cost per lead, and the total number of leads. This report shows this information both for all your calling campaigns combined and also for each individual campaign. In the illustration below, this information is shown for all your calling campaigns combined and for two of the individual campaigns:


DMG estimates that call center outsourcing (off shore) increases call volume by 15%, due to customers hanging up and calling back in search of a more helpful answer.
Donna FlussDMG Consulting LLC
“… outsourcing (off shoring) has led to measurable decreases in customer satisfaction for a number of North American businesses. Companies that engaged in (this practice) saw a measurable decline in customer satisfaction scores.”
MIT Sloan Management

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