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Call center and Level 1 Support

Boost Your Organization's Success with Tech Ambience Call Center: Comprehensive Solutions for Growth and Engagement

The Tech Ambience Call Center offers a variety of services to meet the goals of your organization. Whether you are looking for new customers and sales, need us to invite healthcare professionals (HCPs) to a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) meeting, schedule prospects for an online webinar or sales presentation or generate interest and donations for a political campaign or cause, we can help.

If needed, we also offer complete scriptwriting services, including all follow-up materials, and list research and acquisition for your target markets.

And every one of our clients, regardless of the type of service we perform for you, has 24/7/365 access to our cloud-based Project Portal where you can see and share real-time metrics on the progress of your campaign.

Outbound. Inbound. Lead generation. Appointment setting. Sales. Sales assistance. Customer service.

Back-office support. Setting up conferences and webinars. 

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