Flexible Customer Support Solutions

Flexible Customer Support Solutions

Tech Ambience’s call center supervisors and call specialists are a key element of our call center’s success. Our staff has handled lead generation, sales campaigns, fund-raising, surveys, back-office support, and many other projects. Even if your project isn’t something we’ve handled before, rest assured our staff’s can-do attitude will have them knowledgeable about your product or service and ready to take on your project in a couple of weeks.

You have the option of training our callers in person or via phone or video conference. If you have a specialized need, we’ll work with you to handpick callers that meet your approval. You can start up with about two callers and scale up to more if needed.

Outbound calling is just one of our callers’ skills. They also handle data verification, live chat, emails, and a full range of back-office support.

Tech Ambience is ready and able to take on any staff support you require.

We charge hourly with a qualifying agreement. Occasionally Tech Ambience does work on a pay-per-lead or commission basis. Please contact us to discuss your project and your needs.


DMG estimates that call center outsourcing (off shore) increases call volume by 15%, due to customers hanging up and calling back in search of a more helpful answer.
Donna FlussDMG Consulting LLC
“… outsourcing (off shoring) has led to measurable decreases in customer satisfaction for a number of North American businesses. Companies that engaged in (this practice) saw a measurable decline in customer satisfaction scores.”
MIT Sloan Management

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