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Expert Healthcare Event Recruitment

We work with pharmaceutical companies and their partner agencies to recruit physicians and other healthcare professionals (HCPs) for dinners, seminars, webinars and other events where our clients deliver medical education and information for new drugs and therapies. Tech Ambience has successfully filled meetings and webinars at 100% capacity—even for hundreds of attendees—and we can do an equally impressive job for you. From supplying data-rich lists and scheduling and confirming attendance to delivering Important Safety Information (ISI) and documenting our processes for full-compliance with the Sunshine Act, we can meet or exceed your attendance goals.

Here’s what a typical campaign looks like in action:

– Call specialists use your list (or a list provided by us) to reach the targeted HCPs to educate them on your event and encourage attendance. – Typically we reach out to each listed target three times and fax or email information in real time as it’s requested. – We verify the spelling of each registrant’s name as well as their title, complete address, phone, fax, email and state license. – Upon registration, your call specialist will fax/email/ship any information required, such as pre-meeting surveys or Service Provider Agreements. – All follow-up communication is output from call center software we developed ourselves precisely for this market. – We can make reminder calls the day before each event to enable you to forecast attendance before the event takes place. – We also provide you with the reasons given for why any invitee will be unable to attend the event. – After the event, we can send out a post-meeting survey and reach out to the HCP to ensure they are completing and returning it. – As your campaign unfolds, you’ll receive daily and weekly reports of your results. – Our staff meets with you a minimum of once a week to review caller results and findings. – At any time we can tweak or edit a campaign to obtain optimal results and help you meet your goals. While our healthcare clients love the caliber of our staff, they come to rely on our real-time reporting on every significant calling metric, available in our cloud-based Project Portal for each client and campaign, 24/7/365. We understand that in the ever-restrictive world of pharmaceutical and device marketing these campaigns can be critical to success. Whether you have us recruit physicians for a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) workshop, assemble an attentive group of Allied Healthcare Professionals (AHPs) for a meeting with Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) or want to roll-out a new therapy utilizing an existing medication, Tech Ambience brings the professionalism and experience required for these campaigns.


DMG estimates that call center outsourcing (off shore) increases call volume by 15%, due to customers hanging up and calling back in search of a more helpful answer.
Donna FlussDMG Consulting LLC
“… outsourcing (off shoring) has led to measurable decreases in customer satisfaction for a number of North American businesses. Companies that engaged in (this practice) saw a measurable decline in customer satisfaction scores.”
MIT Sloan Management

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