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The Tech Ambience Call Center can also help with getting your product or sales materials into customers’ hands. Our Florida location and ample labor pool means that if you need us to pick, pack and ship your product directly through our Call Center, we can offer you those capabilities at attractive rates as well as scale up and down depending on the seasonality of your business. 

You may need something as simple as getting product samples or sales materials sent daily to the leads we are generating for your campaign. Tech Ambience has the experience, operational skills and flexibility to meet almost any need.

“If a customer hangs up mad, it isn’t the agent they are going to blame, it’s the company that put them in that position in order to save a buck by sending their call overseas.”

– Sheri Teodoru,
Chief Executive Officer, CFI Group

“…industry giants like Dell, Capital One, and JPMorgan Chase stat(ed) they have eliminated their call center outsourcing (off shoring) operations because, for them, the costs far outweighed the benefits”

– J Pfeffer/em> The hidden cost of outsourcing. Business 2.0.