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Tech Ambience Call Center

Technical Integration for Telemarketing Services
If my project requires computers, software or other technical equipment Tech Ambience doesn’t normally provide, can you obtain additional equipment/support for my project?
Of course we can. We've already done so for a variety of clients. Just let us know your needs. In most cases, there is no additional charge for new equipment or types of support.
Can your company work within my software systems or portals (i.e. Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning)?
Yes, we can. We have worked with dozens of clients directly within their CRM and ERP programs. Our technical teams can work together to link up to your software and ensure it’s secure.
Can I forward a phone line I already have into your company so that I do not have to change my phone number?
Yes, absolutely. We have handled this for a variety of clients.
Call us at (844) 271-6825 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM US EST!

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