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Who will write my script? How about the emails and materials that are sent to potential customers?
Our marketing team is available to write your script. Tech Ambience has a variety of writers on tap and we will bring in the best people for your job. A good script spells out exactly what callers need to say, whether they’re talking to a gatekeeper (such as a receptionist or assistant), the decision maker, or leaving a voice message or sending an email. Our marketing team knows what works and how to write a message that is clear and concise and will get our callers past the gatekeeper at a company and straight to the decision maker. Scripting is very important, and we strongly recommend that our clients use our marketing team to create the calling scripts and materials used in the lead generation calls. But this is not mandatory. If you would like to write your own scripts, we can provide you with some samples to help you out.
What does writing a script entail?
First, our marketing team will interview your company’s key players to learn about your company and the goals of your project. You will then be presented with a first draft of the following: a script to allow us to get past the gatekeeper, the message that will be left on a voicemail, the script the caller will use when they reach the decision maker, and a script to follow up with that decision maker. Also included are the initial email and follow-up emails that help us get through to the potential customer. All edits and revisions will be done by our team and sent back to you for approval before the start of your campaign.
How much does Tech Ambience charge for scripting?
Our scripting fee is $1,000. This includes all the script work mentioned above and one revision as required.
Call us at (844) 271-6825 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM US EST!

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