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Tech Ambience Call Center

Direct Telesales
The Tech Ambience Call Center is available to handle sales campaigns for a variety of products and services, even those that are targeted to a very niche market. We understand the cost and expense that goes into developing, hiring and equipping an inside sales force. We offer a turnkey solution that is fully customizable to your needs. Let us help you reach your revenue goals while you focus on your core business.

As a Tech Ambience client, you値l have a campaign supervisor working with you on a daily basis to ensure your sales campaign is running successfully. You値l be introduced to the call specialists who will be on the phone selling your product or service, and you can even train them yourself容ither in person or via conference call or videoconference. Our staff will work with you to write up phone and email scripts. Even after we kick off your campaign, we consistently evaluate the results and fine-tune your project, if necessary.

You値l also be able to monitor your sales campaign via Tech Ambience痴 proprietary call center software. This application allows you to see the number of calls made and messages left, status of each call made, hours used, balance of hours remaining, and much more information, all in real-time, current and to the second.

Our callers are experienced in selling business-to-business. Our clients are welcome to train our staff about their product or service. If products or services require a great deal of in-depth, specialized knowledge, we do request you provide not only training for our staff but also a long-term contract.

Our callers usually start working under an hourly contract that enables us to test your project and get an understanding of costs to close a sale. Once callers are trained, we can agree to a combination of hourly payment plus commission when a sale is made.

If we値l be accepting orders by credit card, you値l need to provide us with your credit card account. Money collected on your behalf will go directly to your account. If Tech Ambience is to receive a commission, funds will be deposited into a trust account managed by an attorney. Our commission is deducted, and the money is forwarded to you.

We charge hourly for qualifying contracts. Occasionally Tech Ambience does work on a pay-per-lead or commission basis.
Call us at (844) 271-6825 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM US EST!

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