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Can your company send out mailers if they are needed for my campaign?
Yes, absolutely. We have done this for a variety of customers and would be pleased to do so for you as well.
Can your company send e-mails? Whose e-mail address is the lead going to see?
Yes, we can and do. Sending out information is an important part of many different types of campaigns. If you’d like, you can establish a Web mail account and our callers can send email to clients with your domain name. We can also send emails directly from your customer relationship management (CRM) application. All you need to do is set us up as a user in your CRM. We will make the contacts and notes from there.
Can Tech Ambience handle support tickets for my company?
Yes. However, you may need to provide training for our staff, depending on the type of support required.
Can Tech Ambience answer my live chat questions for my customers?
Yes, definitely. We have provided this service for many clients.
How do I know whether your staff has the right experience and knowledge to chat live with my customer?
Tech Ambience’s staff is very professional and dedicated. We only hire detail-oriented employees who have a great work ethic and who can be easily trained for your specific needs. If your product or service is more complex, you may need to provide specialized training for our staff.
How do I train your staff?
You can come to our offices in Florida to train your staff in person, or you can train them via conference call or videoconference using Skype. Tech Ambience offers one hour of complimentary training. You can deduct additional hours from those specified in your contract.
How much do you charge for direct mail, email and live chat?
Our hourly rates are extremely competitive and vary according to requirements. Please contact us for more information.
Call us at (844) 271-6825 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM US EST!

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