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From overseas failures to the success in the United States.
Our executives learned the hard way that while an offshore call center might be cheaper, it isn’t worth it if the payoff is nothing but customer dissatisfaction and lost business opportunities. Our team had tried to find a call center or telemarketing company that could really produce qualified business leads. Our team contracted with four of them. The result was failure - four times in a row - at great expense.

So, we started our own call center - in Florida. All callers are from the United States, native English-speaking and educated. They are experienced in speaking to all levels of decision makers and influencers from C-level executives to medical professionals to government officials. And, our annual turnover rate is extremely low—almost unheard of in an industry where the average annual turnover is 40%. And clients tell us they love the fact we never outsource any part of our contracts. All work is performed by our Florida employees.
We rewrote the script on how to run a call center
The key to our call center’s success is been our philosophy to partner with our clients and work with them to develop the targeted messaging that builds the relationships and delivers the information concisely and easily to the target audience. The Tech Ambience Call Center assigns a supervisor and dedicated callers to each project. Our team works with you and your staff to write scripts that get results as well as define the goals of your project and evaluate the results until you’re satisfied. Curious about how many calls are being made and what the results are? No problem. We have our own proprietary Web-based call center software application that will enable you to see a wide range of real-time “to the second current” reports on your project. We also have high-speed Internet, voice-over Internet phone lines, videoconferencing, multiple data backups and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

In the end, we provide the service, support and professionalism our customers count on to meet their business goals.
Call us at (844) 271-6825 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM US EST!

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